Screenshot-55After reading a few Bachelor style challenges with Sims3, I thought that I would try one out myself. I have found a couple different sets of rules from people, (Sims 3 Bachelor Challenge, Mod the Sims – The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge, The Bachelor Sims 3) and I’m going off of a combination of some of them, as well as some things that I personally tweaked to make this challenge more interesting to read, and more interesting for me to play. You can read more details about how I’m doing this under the Rules section.

  • My challenge Sim will be a male. I will ask for 10 females to compete for his attention.
  • I’m not using Mods to make more than 8 sims live in a house, I’m actually going to put 5 females in one house, and 5 females in the second house, which will be identical. In the story, it will look like they are all living in the same house. The Bachelor will visit houses as he needs to, so that he can interact with all the contestants. This may be wierd, but I’m trying to make this more realistic, and 7 contestants just didn’t seem like a good number for a reality show, plus I wanted to have a host Sim too, so we’ll see how this goes and if I can actually play this way. Let’s just say I will have to take a lot of notes while I play probably so things stay on track.
  • My Bachelor will have the “No Jealousy” Lifetime Reward just to make his life easier. I don’t need any jealous girl Sims ignoring him or scratching each other’s eyes out because they accused the other of cheating and all of that nonsense.
  • I will play first, then write a chapter around what actually happened, keeping all relationships true to the game’s dynamics. I will put in game info into each chapter, so readers can see what I actually did in game. I will probably make poses for things like the dinner dates, but the lady who won the challenge will genuinely have won of her own will and she will get to talk to the bachelor on the date. So basically just because I posed the dinner date, it doesn’t mean any random Sim will get to go on the date. The same thing will happen for elimination ceremonies. I will pick the Sim who genuinely had the lowest score, and write around what happened. There will be poses just to make things more visually appealing.
So yeah. LOL. I will be doing things a little bit differently, but I hope to keep everything fun and fair and awesome. I hope you guys enjoy too.

2 thoughts on “About

    1. Aww thanks! I’m happy you were able to get a spot! Woot! ❤ Heehee, the host Sim will make my life easier, I think it will sound more natural to have him announce things, rather than me… IDK, LOL. It'll be like an actual show then or something. XD

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